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Pomelo Ginger Striped Bass

My mother is infamous in our family for her hatred of fish. She once spat a shrimp wonton out at a Chinese restaurant, not gracefully into her napkin, but full on spat across the table. I'll admit, I ordered shrimp wontons without telling her on purpose to see if she really hated seafood as much as she said she did... I won't be trying that trick again.

I'm refusing to be my mother's daughter when it comes to seafood. I may be late to the fish party, but I'm doing my best to catch up. I'm still a little picky. I need my fish to have just the right texture and to not be, even though it's cliché to say, 'fishy'. This Pomelo Ginger Striped Bass really works for me. The cooking method is really forgiving, there's enough moisture from the pomelo that the fish won't dry out if I get distracted reading

for the seventeenth time and don't get it out of the pan at just the right second. I also liked the pomelo ginger salsa as a contrast to the traditional lemon and capers on fish. It still has that citrus tang that goes so well with fish, but it's new and refreshing.

1 pomelo
1 teaspoon fresh grated ginger, or more to taste
4 (seven ounce) portions striped bass fillet, skin on
salt and pepper to taste

Peel and segment the pomelo, removing any tough membranes. I found the individual juice sacks to be very durable. It was pretty easy to tear all the membranes off without getting juice everywhere. Combine the pomelo with the fresh ginger and taste, adding more ginger as desired.

Heat up a large sauté pan with enough olive oil to coat the bottom of the pan. Season the fish with salt and pepper and place in the pan, skin side down. Pile the pomelo ginger salsa on top of the fish and cover the pan. Lower the heat to medium and cook until the fish registers an internal temp of 140F-145F depending on your personal preference (the USDA recommendation is 145F). Since we're not flipping the fish the top will be the least done area, so take your temperature from there. If you don't have a digital thermometer get one! Or you can estimate the time based on 10 minutes of cooking time per inch of thickness.

Remove from the pan and serve on a bed of rice.  Let rest for 5 minutes before serving.


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