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Wisteria sinensis alba - White Wisteria

Wisteria sinensis alba: I always first think of blue or purple when imagining wisteria. That makes this a pleasant surprise for me when I see a White Wisteria. I am taken away from my set pattern of expectations and this is what I think makes a place special. Wisteria sinensia alba grows robustly and blooms profusely, the trailing white flowers making a garden statement in the early spring. Wisteria's are one of the most malleable plants around. I tip prune any unwanted leaders back to two nodes, these usually flower the next year. I remove all dead and unshapely material and am graced with sculpture when there are no leaves.

Wisteria sinensis alba, White Wisteria

White flowers of Wisteria sinensis alba - White Wisteria. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.