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Veltheimia bracteata - Forest Lily

Veltheimia bracteata will naturalize in shaded gardens where the Summers are dry and the Winters warm. The Forest Lily is Summer deciduous in most gardens and seems to resent Summer irrigation. Veltheimia bracteata blooms with pink flowers from late Winter into early Spring. The foot long wavy margined leaves or the Forest Lily are somewhat succulent and a treat for snails. Veltheimia bracteata grows a foot to 18 inches tall and slowly spreads by dividing bulbs after flowering. Veltheimia bracteata is native to South Africa. Veltheimia bracteata is Winter hardy into the high teens, though it may skip blooming for a season if temperatures drop below 20° F.

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Veltheimia bracteata, Forest Lily

Stalks bearing pink flowers - Velthemia bracteata - Forest Lily. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.