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Tulbaghia fragrans - Sweet Garlic

Tulbaghia fragrans will naturalize in shaded gardens where the Summers are dry and the Winters warm. The Sweet Garlic is Summer deciduous if left off the irrigation system but will often make it just fine, returning with the rains. Tulbaghia fragrans blooms with pink flowers late Winter into early Spring. The broad grassy leaves have just a hint of gray. Tulbaghia fragrans grows a 12-24 inches tall and slowly spreads by dividing bulbs after flowering. Tulbaghia fragrans is native to South Africa. Tulbaghia fragrans is Winter hardy into the mid 20s° F. Plant in light shade inland to full sun near the coast. Oh, and it is fragrant, like fill a whole house fragrant.

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Tulbaghia fragrans, Sweet Garlic

Pink flowers of Tulbaghia fragrans - Sweet Garlic. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.

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