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Tricyrtis hirta - Toad Lily

Tricyrtis hirta produces 1-1.5" extravagantly patterned purple flowers Summer through Fall. Tricyrtis hirta is native to China and the Himalayas. Toad Lily plantings are best in light to full shade, but will tolerate some sun in coastal gardens. Tricyrtis hirta will perform well with regular moisture but also does quite well in well mulched beds on a pretty lean water diet. Tricyrtis hirta grows to 2 - 3 feet tall and spreads by underground rhizomes. Toad Lily plants will go Winter deciduous even in frost free gardens. The rhizomes are Winter hardy to zone 5.

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Tricyrtis hirta, Toad Lily

Pink and white flowers specked with purple - Tricyrtis hirta - Toad Lily. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.