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Tanacetum haradjanii - Silver Tansy

Tanacetum haradjanii grows 4-6" tall and slowly spreads to 2 feet or more if there is water. The Silver Tansy mounds and flows over obstacles rooting when the stems hit the ground if there is any moisture. The yellow flowers bloom in Spring and are very short-lived. Due to the short blooming season the flowers of Tanacetum haradjaniiare truly more nuisance than benefit. I cut them off the Silver Tansy after a couple of weeks. Second year foliage of Tanacetum haradjanii looks pretty rough so I cut that off too as the new growth comes on in the Spring. I planted Tanacetum haradjanii near a Walnut that eventually grew big enough to shade it for half a day, I think the plants looked even better except that extracting the leaves was difficult. The Silver Tansy is capable of growing in clay soils if there are adequate intervals between irrigation cycles. Tanacetum haradjanii has survived Winter temperatures the low to mid teens, and likely capable of surviving more difficult extremes.

Tanacetum haradjanii, Silver Tansy

Yellow flowers and grey foliage of Tanacetum haradjanii - Silver Tansy. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.