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Stipa speciosa - Desert Needle Grass

Stipa speciosa grows throughout the deserts and drier parts of Southern California. Desert Needle Grass is one of the easiest bunchgrasses to establish away from the coast. Stipa speciosa grows a foot or more tall and clumps in rock crevices. Stipa Speciosa plants grow better with light shade or north exposure in interior gardens. I think they like the slightly higher water regime. Stipa speciosa can be periodically sheared to stimulate new growth. I do this with a weed eater at height of 6" or so. I do that to knock down the annual grasses before they go to seed. Stipa speciosa seems to appreciate the open air movement. Stipa speciosa is a larval food for the California Common Ringlet butterfly.

Stipa speciosa, Desert Needle Grass

Grass against a dark granite backdrop - Stipa speciosa - Desert Needle Grass. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.