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Stenocarpus sinuatus - Firewheel Tree

Stenocarpus sinuatus can bloom at almost any time of year. The unusual red flowers have inspired the name Firewheel Tree. The flowers grow out of the midst of the foliage and sometimes directly from fairly large branches. Stenocarpus sinuatus grows in full sun to dense shade, I have gotten this tree to bloom indoors with strong indirect light. The dark green evergreen foliage can form an effective screen. The Firewheel Tree grows upright to 30 feet tall and 10 feet wide. Stenocarpus sinuatus is moderately drought tolerant and will get by on monthly summer soakings once established. Stenocarpus sinuatus works well as a street tree and is good about leaving sidewalks in place. Stenocarpus sinuatus is Winter hardy to the mid twenties but after much time at that temperature the foliage and much of the bark will be damaged and the tree will be slow to recover.

Stenocarpus sinuatus, Firewheel Tree

Red flowers and dark green foliage of Stenocarpus sinuatus - Firewheel Tree. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.