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Sparaxis tricolor hybrid - Wandflower, Harlequin Flower

Sparaxis tricolor hybrid, has been dependable in gardens with reasonable drainage and warmer Winter temperatures. This plant is often just called by its genus name Sparaxis, but the common name Wand Flower and Harlequin Flower are also used. Sparaxis tricolor comes in a variety of colors including white, orange and yellow, often with a dark center. Plant Sparaxis tricolor bulbs about an inch deep, pointy side up. Sparaxis tricolor bulbs will tolerate some Summer water but tend to do best with little or no suplimental irrigation. Sparaxis tricolor blooms early in the Spring in our area. Sparaxis tricolor has been Winter hardy into the mid to upper 20°s F.

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Sparaxis tricolor, Wandflower, Harlequin Flower

White flowers with yellow centers and dark markings Sparaxis tricolor - Wandflower, Harlequin Flower. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.