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Solandra maxima - Cup of Gold Vine

Solandra maxima is a vigorous enthusiastic plant in every setting that I have seen it. The warm yellow flowers can be as much as six inches across. The large dark green foliage makes Solandra maxima an appropriate choice for any garden that aspires to be tropical. And the low water needs make the Cup of Gold Vine a good choice for the water thrifty garden as well. The Cup of Gold Vine will survive temperatures into the low 20°s F but looks much better if temperatures stay in the low 30's. Solandra maxima is a robust vine with a fair amount of wood and can almost grow unsupported if it is tip pruned. Solandra maxima will easily climb up 2 stories if you provide adequate support. Thankfully Solandra maxima is resilient when pruned hard. I had to do this to be able to open a garage door. And the Cup of Gold Vine recovered quickly. Just about everything about this plant is worthy of the species name maxima.

Solandra maxima, Cup of Gold Vine

Yellow flowers with dark maroon stripes - Solandra maxima - Cup of Gold Vine. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.