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Snake Fly - Agulla sp.

The Snake Fly is one of those beneficial insects you should encourage in your garden when you find them. On one level a snake fly is better than a Lacewing. Very few things eat a snake fly. A snake fly eats small soft bodied insects like aphids and mites both as an adult and through all of the instar ages. A snake fly will lay its eggs in a crevice in rotting wood or between rocks. A snake fly looks sort of like a Praying Mantis but without the long grasping front legs. And it sort of looks like a lacewing but for the super long neck and axe shaped head.

Snake Fly, Agulla sp.

Snake Fly a voracious consumer of aphids and mites. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.

High resolution photos of the Snake Fly are part of our garden image collection.