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Ruscus hypoglossum - Horse Tongue Lily, Butcher's Broom

If you enjoy unusual plant forms Ruscus hypoglossum is a great find. The Horse Tongue Lily has small white and purple flowers that come out of what look like its leaves. Ruscus hypoglossum is in the Lily family. That starts to make sense if you look closely at the Horse Tongue Lily flowers. I grow Ruscus hypoglossum in a lightly shaded location in our garden. In full sun the foliage looks a little parched, but they will grow in that exposure near the coast. Our Horse Tongue Lily has grown about 2 feet tall and the clump is expanding a few inches each year.

Ruscus hypoglossum, Horse Tongue Lily

Unusual flower location right in the middle of the leaves - Ruscus hypoglossum - Horse Tongue Lily, Butcher's Broom. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.