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Rosa banksiae lutea - Yellow Lady Banks Rose

Rosa banksiae lutea will ramble over a fence or climb a tree. The Yellow Lady Banks Rose is vigorous enough to cover a large arbor. Rosa banksiae lutea does have a flaw, it only blooms once a year. But with such a grand blooming of yellow flowers in early Spring and the easy care this is a regular in my gardens. Oh, and did I say no thorns. A carpet of rose petals at the end of the season. Rosa banksiae lutea is thrifty with the water needs. I put them on the same irrigation line with the rockroses and ceanothus and they do great. At my house where there is some natural moisture I have not watered since I planted it during the rainy season a decade ago. Rosa banksiae lutea is a host plant for the Western Tussock Moth Caterpillar. There is a White Lady Banks Rose, Rosa banksiae alba plena that blooms just a little earlier, but there is usually some overlap.

Rosa banksiae lutea, Yellow Lady Banks Rose

Yellow flowers of Rosa banksiae lutea - Yellow Lady Banks Rose. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.