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Rhus lancea, Searsia lancea * African Sumac, Willow Rhus

Rhus lancea is a rapidly growing drought tolerant tree. The latin name has been updated to Searsia lancea but Rhus is used more commonly in nurseries and tree specifications. Rhus lancea grows to 25-30 feet tall and wide. Rhus lancea can be treated as a hedge or a single or multi-trunked tree. The African Sumac is tolerant of saline soil and good for coastal plantings. Rhus lancea is native to South Africa. The branches weep giving the tree a look reminescent of Weeping Willows. Rhus lancea blooms from Spring through Fall and has clusters of small pale yellow flowers. Rhus lancea is susceptable to root rot so overwatering can be a problem. The roots sucker and the suckers need to be removed regularly. Rhus lancea has male and female plants and the seeds germinate well. Selecting male plants will help with maintenance. Rhus lancea can break itself down and will need to be thinned to be kept as a tree. Rhus lancea is winter hardy to 20°F.

Rhus lancea, Searsia lancea, African Sumac, Willow Rhus

Pale yellow flowers and foliage of Rhus lancea - African Sumac. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.