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Rehmannia elata - Chinese Foxglove

Rehmannia elata is a consistent performer in every garden that I have planted it. The Chinese Foxglove will grow in full sun near the coast but really seems to prefer some shade. I have had Rehmannia elata naturalize and spread by runners in a relatively dry shady location under oaks near the coast. Rehmannia elata blooms on 18-24" stalks with pink flowers most of the year. Rehmannia elata looks best when provided some suplimental water. The Chinese Foxglove can even become a bit of a pest if too much water is available. Fortunately the run-away plants are fairly easy to remove. Rehmannia elata has been used in Chinese and Japanese herbal medicine for the kidneys, skin and old age. All parts of the Chinese Foxglove are poisonous if ingested without proper preparation.

Rehmannia elata, Chinese Foxglove

Pink speckled flower and foliage of Rehmannia elata - Chinese Foxglove. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.