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Ravenea rivularis - Majesty Palm

Ravenea rivularis is worthy of the majestic name. The Majesty Palm can grow to 15-40 feet tall or more. Ravenea rivularis is native to Madagascar. These fast growing palms prefer a little shade as they start out. While the Majesty Palm could be used as a houseplant in a well lit location but only for a short time. Ravenea rivularis is a rapidly growing tree and it will rapidly outstrip the capacity of almost any room where it might be happy. The Majesty Palm is hardy with temperatures that briefly dip into the 30°s or high 20°s F. Ravenea rivularis prefers regular water and a rich soil. Crinkled leaves can sometimes be cured with the use of small doses of epsom salts to release magnesium.

Ravenea rivularis, Majesty Palm

A young palm - Ravenea rivularis - . High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.