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Pyrus kawakamii - Evergreen Flowering Pear

Pyrus kawakamii, the Evergreen Flowering Pear is popular as a street tree. Street trees have a rough life, rarely getting the resources they need, often getting bumped and bruised and pruned for convenience rather than style or beauty. In spite of this Pyrus kawakamii still shines more often than not. The Evergreen Flowering Pear can grow to 30 feet or more. If a sidewalk or curb is too close the roots will lift it out of position. When planting in a restricted space a tree box is recommended to direct the roots down. Pyrus kawakamii has a cloud of fragrant white flowers Winter into Spring just as it is changing its leaves. There are little pears too and when they fall they can track into cars and houses on the bottoms of feet and stain walkways. There are probably no trees that are a good match for being poolside and between the many leaves, flowers and fruit that fall the Evergreen Flowering Pear is beautiful in this setting but a mess every week. Pyrus kawakamii can be trimmed beautifully and be a great addition to an Asian themed garden.

Pyrus kawakamii, Evergreen Flowering Pear

Leaves turning as the new leaves and a cloud of white flowers come on Pyrus kawakamii - Evergreen Flowering Pear. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.