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Ptelea crenulata ~ California Hoptree

Ptelea crenulata is a small tree native to California (15-25 feet). The California Hoptree grows from Chapparal to Yellow Pine elevations in the central Coast Ranges and Sierras. The fragrant Spring flowers bring a host of pollinators from bees, to butterflies and birds. The Giant Swallowtail Butterfly will use this plant as a larval host along with other plants in the citrus family. The creamy white flowers are followed by green berries that fade to brown. The berries are loved by the birds. The flowers are foliage are both fragrant. Ptelea crenulata is winter deciduous with the leaves turning to yellow in the Fall. This is a great native tree that can easily fit into many drought tolerant gardens either in full sun or as an understory to larger trees.

Ptelea crenulata, California Hoptree

Flowers and foliage of Ptelea crenulata the California Hoptree. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.