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Pinus monophylla - Single Leaf Pinyon Pine

Pinus monophylla is an excellent choice for the garden. The slow growing Pinyon Pine is one of the smaller pines and stays at a proportional size to many urban gardens with a typical maximum height of 25 feet. Pinus monophylla can be found in the wild in inland locations from mear sea level to an elevation of 9000 feet. The Single Leaf Pinyon Pine is a dominant component of the Pinyon Juniper plant community. The pine nuts are produced in the Fall, this photo was taken in early November. Pinus monophylla can take as much as 20 years to begin bearing pine nuts. The gray-green leaves look great contrasting with the pale cones. Pinus monophylla is a good choice for the drought tolerant garden. The Pinyon Pine bears up well to artful pruning, and works well as a bonsai.

Pinus monophylla, Single Leaf Pinyon Pine

Cones and needles of Pinus monophylla - Pinyon Pine. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.

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