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Phormium Pink Stripe - New Zealand Flax

Phormium Pink Stripe will make a statement in most any yard. This New Zealand Flax grows to 6 feet or more tall and wide. It is best to give Phormium Pink Stripe adequate space. Overlaping plants are hard to maintain and over trimmed plants not only take a lot of work but tend to look ragged. The colorful pink to bronze/green variegated leaves fade a bit as they age. So trimming out the older foliage will keep the plants looking fresh. Phormium's flower in the Summer but the flowers fade quickly and are dwarfed in impact by the foliage. The part of the plant that flowered dies and should be cut out as it produces new starts from the base. Phormium Pink Stripe is tolerant of a wide variety of soil types but will not tolerate soggy conditions. Phormium grows well at the coast in full sun and seems to like a little protection further inland. Phormium Pink Stripe is Winter hardy to the mid teens.

Phormium Pink Stripe

Pink and green variegated foliage of Phormium Pink Stripe. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.

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