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Oxalis oregana - Redwood Sorrel

Oxalis oregana is native to the under-story of the Coastal Redwood and Douglas Fir forests from Central California to British Columbia. Oxalis oregana grows 6-10" tall with white or pink flowers in the late Spring and Summer. Oxalis oregana will need supplemental water in Southern California gardens. Oxalis oregana does well in low light situations. The leaves are often 2" or more wide and fold up if the sun contacts them. Oxalis oregana spreads rather quickly by underground rhizomes. The Redwood Sorrel will go deciduous if conditions get too dry. Oxalis oregana is Winter hardy to zone 7.

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Oxalis oregana, Redwood Sorrel

White flowers of Oxalis oregana - Redwood Sorrel. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.

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