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Nepeta faassenii - Faassen's Catmint

Nepeta faassenii mounds fragrant foliage 18 inches tall and 3-4 feet across. The Catmint is a dependable source of blue flowers and gray foliage for the garden. Nepeta faassenii attracts bees and should probably not be planted around pools and other places where people might not be happy hanging out with the bees. I plant the Catmint in full sun, though it will tolerate some shade the plants get pretty thin if there is not enough sun. Nepeta faassenii will grow in almost any type of soil that is not soggy. Nepeta faassenii goes dormant in the Winter, I generally wait for the worst of the frost to pass before cutting the Catmint back to a couple of inches tall. It is common for Nepeta faassenii to air layer in the mulch during the course of the season. I often take up these new starts to spread the Catmint around the garden. After the first round of flowers has passed I give the Catmint plants a light shearing to encourage new blooms. Nepeta faassenii attracts Skippers and is a nice addition to the Butterfly Garden. Nepeta faassenii is Winter hardy in zones 5-10.

Nepeta faassenii, Faassen's Catmint

Blue flowers and gray foliage Nepeta faassenii - Faassen's Catmint. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.