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Nemophila maculata - Five Spot

Nemophila maculata is an annual wildflower that grows in full sun to light shade from the Coast Ranges to the Sierras where it grows from the foothills through the Red Fir zones. Five Spot can be found from near the coast to 6000 feet in elevation in the red fir forest community showing off its blue and white flowers late Winter into Spring. Nemophila maculata flowers are about an inch across, mostly white with blue streaks and dark blue spots on the tips of the petals. Nemophila maculata grows 4-6" tall. Nemophila maculata grows in grasslands to shaded forest glens. Nemophila maculata seeds should be scattered before the first rains in Fall.

Nemophila maculata, Five Spot

Dark blue spots at the tips of the petals - Nemophila maculata - Five Spot. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.

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