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Miscanthus Gold Bar - Gold Bar Maiden Grass

Miscanthus Gold Bar is promoted as a dwarf Zebra Grass. Miscanthus Gold Bar is more compact and the stalks are stronger. Miscanthus Gold Bar has larger gold bands that are prominant all season while Zebra Grass has bands that are accentuated by colder weather. Miscanthus Gold Bar is drought tolerant and widely tolerant of soil types. Miscanthus Gold Bar produces purple plumes in the fall. I cut plants nearly to the ground once they go Winter dormant. Miscanthus Gold Bar is deer resistant, too coarse I think, they would rather eat my roses. Miscanthus Gold Bar is Winter hardy to USDA zone 5, far colder than we are likely to see. The seeds are not supposed to be viable. Miscanthus sinensis has established as a weed in California.

Miscanthus Gold Bar, Gold Bar Maiden Grass

Horizontally striped foliage of Miscanthus Gold Bar - Gold Bar Maiden Grass. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.

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