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Lomatium dasycarpum ~ Woolly Fruited Lomatium

Lomatium dasycarpum is a California Native perennial that grows in the coastal ranges of California into Baja. Woolly Fruited Lomatium is in the Biscuit Root genus, and related to celery and carrots. Lomatium dasycarpum is edible but be certain of what you are eating, not all plants in this family are edible. Lomatium dasycarpum grows to about a foot tall on dry ridgetops. Lomatium dasycarpum has small lacy  yellow flowers and is more noted for its showy seeds. Lomatium dasycarpum is a larval food source for the Anise Swallowtail and is a fine addition to the native butterfly garden.

Lomatium dasycarpum, Woolly Fruited Lomatium

Yellow flowers and seeds of Lomatium dasycarpum - Woolly Fruited Lomatium. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.