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Liriope Silver Dragon - Variegated Lilyturf

Liriope Silver Dragon is a variegated version of Lilyturf. I use this groundcover for a wide range of projects. The plants run some, but not too much. This means that the area will be filled in fairly quickly, but that plants will not show up on the other side of the walkway. Liriope Silver Dragon is durable enough to take a moderate amount of traffic. Plants prefer a moderate amount of water but will survive on far less. They won't die if you miss a watering cycle. Liriope Silver Dragon will grow in full sun near the coast but needs shade inland, or the leaves tend to burn at the tips. Variegated Lilyturf has pale purple flowers during the Summer. These plants are hardy to amount of cold that California is likely to have. I have grown them in good soil and bad. But they won't survive in a bog.

Liriope Silver Dragon, Variegated Lilyturf

Variegated foliage of Liriope Silver Dragon - Variegated Lilyturf. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.