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Iresine herbstii * Bloodleaf

Iresine herbstii is a tender shrub/perennial. Bloodleaf will typically grow to 3 feet tall and wide. Iresine herbstii has dense clusters of small white flowers late Summer into Fall. I think they look their best in light shade. Iresine herbstii will be damaged by temperatures that drop below 30° F. Bloodleaf will provide a spectacular show of foliage color throughout the season. Leaf color varies from a dark purple to beet red with magenta veins. Other common names for Iresine herbstii are almost as colorful as the leaves, Chicken Gizzard, Beefsteak Plant. Iresine herbstii is a native of Brazil. Bloodleaf plants prefer regular water and good soil.

Iresine herbstii

Purple foliage of Iresine herbstii - Bloodleaf. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.

Iresine herbstii Brilliantissima

Purple and hot pink foliage of Iresine herbstii Brilliantissima - Flowering Bloodleaf Brilliantissima.