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Homeria flaccida, Morea flaccida - One Leaf Cape Tulip

Homeria flaccida blooms from late Winter into early Spring in our part of Southern California with orange flowers. This plant is also found with the name Morea flaccida. The One Leaf Cape Tulip grows has numerous branches and tends to flop without support. I have had great success planting Homeria flaccida under evergreen drought toleran perennials such as Erigeron karvinsianus to get extra support. Homeria flaccida grows up to 2 feet tall and blooms in full sun to light shade. The One Leaf Cape Tulip will not persist in a wet garden and requires reasonable drainage or periods of drying between irrigation cycles. Homeria flaccida is Winter hardy into the high 20°s F.

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Homeria flaccida, Morea flaccida, One Leaf Cape Tulip

Orange flowers of Homeria flaccida - One Leaf Cape Tulip. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.