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Homeria collina, Morea collina - Cape Tulip

Homeria collina flowers in the early to mid-Spring in our part of Southern California with creamy yellow, apricot or pink flowers. The Cape Tulip grows has numerous stems and tends to flop without support. I have had great success planting Homeria collina under evergreen perennials such as Erigeron karvinsianus to get extra support. Homeria collina grows up to 2 feet tall and blooms with large yellow flowers in full sun to light shade. The Cape Tulip will not persist in a wet garden and requires reasonable drainage or periods of drying between irrigation cycles. Homeria collina is Winter hardy into the high 20°s F.

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Homeria collina, Cape Tulip

Yellow flowers of Homeria collina - Cape Tulip. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.