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Haemanthus albiflos - White Paintbrush

Haemanthus albiflos is a flowering bulb with broad green leaves and bushy white flowers. Haemanthus albiflos has been locally known by a slew of common names, White Shaving Brush, White Paintbrush, Powderpuff, White Blood Lily and more. All aptly describe the flowers none seem universal. Haemanthus albiflos grows in full sun to light shade. Haemanthus albiflos prefers well drained soil conditions and to dry out a bit between waterings. Haemanthus albiflos is frost sensitive in the mid 20°s F but can go lower if given protection. Frost protection may be the best reason to plant Haemanthus albiflos in a bit of shade. Haemanthus albiflos grows 12-18" tall. Leaves vary from green, to fuzzy green and some have yellow spots on the upper surface of the leaves.Haemanthus albiflos is readily propagated by division or offsets of bulbs and grows from seed. Since bulbs are clump forming separate them a bit when planting, plant with the earth just covering the tops of the bulbs, they will naturally rise a bit as they divide. Haemanthus albiflos blooms Fall into Winter.

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Haemanthus albiflos

White bushy flower with yellow anthers Haemanthus albiflos. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.

High resolution photos of are part of our garden image collection.