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Great Ash Sphinx Moth - Sphinx chersis

The Great Ash Sphinx moth resides in much of the US with only a limited population in the gulf states and in parts of Canada and Mexico. The caterpillars dine on Ash and Birch trees, Lilac and Privet. The adults prefer deep throated flowers such as Hooker's Evening Primrose and Japanese honeysuckle. This Sphinx moth was stuck to a Mexican Evening Primrose flower. Its tongue or proboscis was hopelessly twisted around the pistil of the flower and the moth could not figure out how to let go. After dissecting the flower we were able to free the moth.; These Sphinx moths are some of our largest with wingspans of 3-5 inches.

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Great Ash Sphinx, Sphinx chersis

Great Ash Sphinx Moth - Sphinx chersis on Evening Primrose. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.