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Gilia capitata - Thimble Flower, Globe Gilia, Bluehead Gilia

Gilia capitata has several varieties that range from nearly white to a rich blue. The first image with its white flowers is the variety pedemontana from the Sierra foothillls. The second image with the blue flowers is Gilia capitata abrotanifolia, Bluehead Gilia, and was taken along Hudson Ranch Road. Gilia capitata is an annual that blooms in April and May. It is best to spread seed with the first significant rains in the Fall. Gilia capitata is a dependable plant from seed for your wildflower garden. Gilia capitata grows 12-18 inches tall. Globe Gilia grows in scree by the side of the road and in more grassland areas as well. And as can be seen here the Anicia Checkerspot is all over these flowers, the Variable Checkerspot likes them too so do the Western Tiger Swallowtail California Common Ringlet, and Sara Orangetip. The Thimble Flower is a great addition to the butterfly garden.

Gilia capitata pedemontana, Checkerspot

Anicia Checkerspot taking nectar from Gilia capitata pedemontana. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.

Gilia capitata abrotanifolia, Bluehead Gilia

Blue flowers of Gilia capitata abrotanifolia.

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