January 25, 2021
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Freesia alba - Wild Freesia

Freesia alba is easy to naturalize in a California garden. Freesia alba can be spread by seed or by scattering the small offset bulbs. Larger bulbs should be planted within an inch of the surface of the soil, pointy side up. Freesia alba will offset new bulbs from within the foliage as the foliage dries. So dont be too hasty when cleaning up the dieing foliage. The white flowers of Freesia alba are very fragrant, I think significantly more so than the hybrids. Freesia alba blooms from mid Winter into Spring in our gardens. Freesia alba is quite drought tolerant and often does best in areas that get no irrigation. Freesia alba does well in a high shade area or in full sun near the coast. Freesia alba is hardy into the low teens.

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Freesia alba, Wild Freesia

Fragrant white flowers of Freesia alba - Wild Freesia. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.