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Evolvulus nuttallianus ~ Shaggy Dwarf Morning Glory

Evolvulus nuttallianus, the Shaggy Dwarf Morning Glory is native to the midwest plains states, Utah and Arizona. Evolvulus nuttallianus grows to a foot tall and twice as wide. Evolvulus nuttallianus does well in a warm or hot part of the garden, The Shaggy Dwarf Morning Glory will tolerate some shade. Evolvulus nuttallianus blooms from mid to late spring through to frost. It is all about the blue flowers. These flowers are abundant and spectacularly blue. Varieties include Blue Haze and Blue My Mind. Plants that are in less than a warm and well drained spot in the garden will likely be annuals. Evolvulus nuttallianus is a fine addition to the Butterfly Garden, attracting Cloudless Sulfur Butterflies to the flowers.

Evolvulus nuttallianus, Shaggy Dwarf Morning Glory

Blue flowers of Evolvulus nuttallianus - Shaggy Dwarf Morning Glory. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.