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Eucomis bicolor * Pineapple Lily

Eucomis bicolor the Pineapple Lily is a bulb native to South Africa. Eucomis bicolor grows and blooms in sun or shade and performs well in a garden kept on the dry side. I have allowed the Pineapple Lily to naturalize under oaks as well as in the perennial garden. Eucomis bicolor blooms with spires of purple flowers that bloom over a long period from late Spring into Summer. Eucomis bicolor does not appear to be impacted by poor soils and the deer generally leave the plants alone. The flowers open from the bottom of the stalk to the top. Eucomis bicolor forms a slowly expanding clump as the bulbs divide and some seasons has fertile seeds.

Eucomis bicolor, Pineapple Lily

Purple flowers of Eucomis bicolor - Pineapple Lily. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.