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Eremalche rotundifolia ~ Desert Five Spot

Eremalche rotundfolia is common in the desert parts of California and Western US. Eremalche rotundfolia grows in sunny well drained scree and soils. Eremalche rotundfolia is tolerant of alkaline soils. The Desert Five spot grows to 3-18" tall. The flowers of the Desert Five Spot are pink with white centered petals. At the base of each of the five petals there is a red spot. Eremalche rotundfolia blooms Winter into early Spring. If trying to plant Eremalche rotundifolia in a container use a sand gravel mix as even cactus mix may have too much organic content. Eremalche rotundfolia attracts the Northern White Skipper and the Painted Lady Butterflies.

Eremalche rotundifolia, Desert Five Spot

Pink flowers with red spots Eremalche rotundifolia - Desert Five Spot. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.