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Dodecatheon hendersonii ~ Mosquito Bills, Foothill Shooting Star

Dodecatheon hendersonii grows from the valley floor to the yellow pine forest. Mosquito Bills generally grows on dry grassland or mixed-open forest habitat. Dodecatheon hendersonii is native to an area from Santa Barbara County north. The Foothill Shooting Star will retreat to the root and just a leaf or two during the heat of Summer. Dodecatheon hendersonii blooms from the late Winter into early Spring. The nodding flowers go from yellow to pink. Dry Summers are critical to get Dodecatheon plants to survive for additional seasons in the garden. Dodecatheon hendersonii will often be found recieving the afternoon shade of a tree or rock outcrop.

Dodecatheon hendersonii, Mosquito Bills, Foothill Shooting Star

Flowers and foliage of Dodecatheon hendersonii known as Mosquito Bills or Foothill Shooting Star. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.