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Distictis rivers * Royal Trumpet Vine

Distictis rivers does not stick to a wall, usually I think of that as a good thing. The Royal Trumpet Vine must be supported. It can get quite large and grows rather rapidly, sometimes up to a couple of feet a week. Where the climate is warm enough near the coast or in the banana belt of the inland valleys the Royal Trumpet Vine is a great producer of pink flowers Spring through Fall. The Royal Trumpet Vine will not do well with a hard frost at all. The biggest trouble point for Distictis rivers is that the new plant material just grows on top of the old developing a thick layer of thatch over time. I prefer to grow this over a wall rather than on a trellis for this reason. The underside is just a bunch of dead twigs unless you are willing to put in a tremendous amount of work.

Distictis rivers, Royal Trumpet Vine

Flowers and foliage of Distictis rivers - Royal Trumpet Vine. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.