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Dietes bicolor - Yellow Wild Iris, African Iris

Dietes bicolor is a perennial from the iris family. The Yellow Wild Iris is native to South Africa. African Iris grows 2-3 feet tall and wide. Dietes bicolor grows from a rhizome and forms a gradually spreading clump. Dietes bicolor has 2" creamy yellow flowers with a maroon splotch in the center of the petals. The Yellow Wild Iris blooms repeatedly for the warmer months of the year, in our area that means from March through November and will have scattered blooms for the remainder of the year. Dietes bicolor grows well in a shady garden, but performs pretty well in full sun into the inland valleys. Dietes bicolor would prefer a well watered garden but plants have survived serious drought in pretty fine fashion. Dietes bicolor is winter hardy down to 20-25°F. Dietes bicolor tends not to seed out as much as Dietes grandiflora and requires less maintenance.

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Dietes bicolor, Yellow Wild Iris, African Iris

Yellow flowers with magenta spots Dietes bicolor known as Yellow Wild Iris or African Iris. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.