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Dichondra argentea * Silver Dichondra

Dicondra argentea is a native to the Desert Southwest. Silver Dichondra can be found in Texas, New Mexico and into Northern Mexico creeping out from under a rock. When I think of a traditional Dichondra lawn my first thought is how much water is required. With this desert version not so much. In fact too much water can be a problem Dichondra argentea will rot. Good drainage or drying out periods between irrigation cycles are a must for Dichondra argentea. The flowers are insignificant. Cold will not be a problem in California gardens except in high altitude locations. Dichondra argentea is great in a hanging basket or as a groundcover where it can trail several feet below the pot. Plants grow in full sun to a dry location in moderate shade

Dichondra argentea, Silver Dichondra

Silver trailing foliage of Dichondra argentea - Silver Dichondra. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.