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Dichelostemma capitatum ~ Blue Dicks

Dichelostemma capitatum is one of our most dependable California native bulbs, reliably blooming year after year. Blue Dicks is in the Onion Family. The purple flowers grow on stalks 18-24" tall. Dichelostemma capitatum is native to most of the Western US. Dichelostemma capitatum can be found blooming in open areas below 7500 feet. Dichelostemma capitatum can be propagated by seed sown in the fall, or easily by dividing the bulbs. Almost inevitably there will be some of the little bulblets left behind if you divide your plants by digging up the bulbs. Blue Dicks can bloom within 2 years of seeding. Dichelostemma capitatum has a long history of being collected for food.

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Dichelostemma capitatum, Blue Dicks

Flowers and foliage of Dichelostemma capitatum - Blue Dicks. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.