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Diascia integerrima * Twin Spur

Diascia integerrima just seems like it is almost always in bloom. Twin Spur regenerates from the roots each year, often disappearing each winter in cold winter areas. I have seen it come back very well from roto-tilling but it has no staying power in soggy soil. Diascia integerrima grows to 1 foot tall and spreads about 3" a year. After a couple of seasons the center begins to thin and it is probably about time to divide it and replant. It is at home in the rock garden as well as the perennial bed. The salmon flowers are a great addition to the flower vase with their vibrant color and unusual shape.

Diascia integerrima, Twin Spur

Flowers and foliage of Diascia integerrima - Twin Spur. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.