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Cupaniopsis anacardioides - Carrotwood Tree

Cupaniopsis anacardioides is a solid choice as a street tree. The Carrotwood grows quickly when young. The roots are not tremendously invasive. Cupaniopsis anacardioides flowers Winter into early Spring with non-descript white flowers. The better show is from the seedpods that show up late in the Spring and into Summer. While pretty they are also messy. The Carrotwood Tree fruits can make a real mess of a pool or patio and the seedpods drop just as you would want to get outdoors. Cupaniopsis anacardioides grows to around 30 feet tall and wide, has large shiny green leaves and makes a pretty good shade tree. Seedlings are not much of a problem on the West Coast but the trees can be a problem along the SE Coast, particularly in Florida. Cupaniopsis anacardioides is drought tolerant once established but if planted too low in a lawn setting the Carrotwood Tree can drown with water puddling over its roots.

Cupaniopsis anacardioides, Carrotwood Tree

Flowers and foliage of Cupaniopsis anacardioides the Carrotwood Tree. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.