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Cotula lineariloba * Brass Buttons

Cotula lineariloba is a nonstop bloomer with its flat topped yellow flowers. Brass Buttons will slow down for the winter but watch it go in the spring. Cotula lineariloba will grow as a mat layer upon layer over itself. Brass Buttons grows about 3-4" thick foliage, with 4" flower stalks. Cotula lineariloba can spread over concrete so long as water is provided. By removing the dead flowers I can extend the season into the Fall. Otherwise it only will go through the spring. I ration how many of these I am willing to plant, as they take a large amount of time to keep preened. I control the edges of Brass Buttons so the clump will not invade its neighbors or it will easily spread a couple of feet a season.

Cotula lineariloba, Brass Buttons

Flowers and foliage of Cotula lineariloba - Brass Buttons.