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Clivia miniata ~ Kaffir Lily

Clivia miniata, the Kaffir Lily, is a plant that will naturalize in the coastal gardens. The dark strap shaped leaves set off the striking stalks of orange flowers in the late Winter and early Spring. Scattered blossoms of Clivia miniata can be found at almost any time. Clivia miniata is a good candidate for planting in the shade of Oaks. The Kaffir Lily requires almost no supplemental water once it is established, though it looks better if it gets watered once a month or so. Clivia miniata will perform well in almost any kind of soil that is not sodden. The leaves stay on the plant long enough that damaged leaves can look bad for a long time. It is best to plant Clivia miniata back from a walkway or an area that gets a lot of traffic so the leaves are not bruised. The Kaffir Lily would prefer a frost free garden but will survive temperatures that briefly dip into the mid to high 20°s F.

Clivia miniata, Kaffir Lily

Flowers and foliage of Clivia miniata - Kaffir Lily. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.

High resolution photos of are part of our garden image collection.