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Cassia leptophylla ~ Gold Medallion Tree

Cassia leptophylla grows to about 25 feet tall and wide. The Gold Medallion tree is a Summer bloomer with golden yellow flowers in the early part of the Summer. The flowers are in clusters at the tips of the branches. Long beans follow the flowers. Cassia leptophyllais drought tolerant and sometimes grumpy in heavy moist soils. Cassia leptophylla is tender to frost, 25° F is a good lower limit to plan for. Cassia leptophylla is a host plant for the Cloudless Sulfur Caterpillar and is a nice addition to the Butterfly Garden

Cassia leptophylla, Gold Medallion Tree

Flowers and foliage of Cassia leptophylla the Gold Medallion Tree. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.