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Caryota urens - Fishtail Wine Palm, Jaggery Palm, Toddy Palm, Kittul Tree

The leaves of Caryota urens look like fish tails. Because there are so many names for Caryota urens you can be sure that it has been grown almost everywhere it could be. Caryota urens is a tropical palm. Frost, or even the idea of frost is not good for the plants. Protect it well. This is an economically important tree in India and the Malay Peninsula. Caryota urens will grow to 100 feet there but maybe 20-30 here. The best Caryota urens specimens that I have seen here are growing in the shade of other larger trees. In warmer coastal regions or exceptional banana belt portions of the inland valleys Caryota urens can be grown outdoors.

Caryota urens, Fishtail Wine Palm, Jaggery Palm

Flowers and foliage of Caryota urens common names include Fishtail Wine Palm, Jaggery Palm, Toddy Palm and Kittul Tree. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.