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Carex praegracilis ~ Clustered Field Sedge

Carex praegracilis grows 8 inches to a foot tall and spreads by runners. I planted this area out by dividing one gallon plants into 6-8 starts each. The Clustered field sedge took about a year to fill in and 18 months to really look full. Carex praegracilis responds well to mowing. Plants require a moderate amount of water compared to other natives but significantly less than a lawn. Carex praegracilis tolerates shade much better than typical lawn grasses and would be good to use in those portions of a lawn just too dark to grow grass. Carex praegracilis is hardy to the low teens before being damaged and likely below if allowed to resprout from the underground runners. Carex praegracilis is a potential host for the California Common Ringlet butterfly.

Carex praegracilis, Clustered Field Sedge

The grasslike foliage of Carex praegracilis Clustered Field Sedge. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.