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Carex buchananii * Leather Leaf Sedge

Carex buchananii, with the rigid leaves makes this plant stand out. The red-brown hues of the Leather Leaf Sedge make this plant contrast nicely against gray plants and light backdrops. The leaves are rigid and straight, making this an interesting counterpoint to other ornamental grasses. Carex buchananii grows about 2 feet tall and 18" wide. I like using grass like plants in association with water. I have been surprised to see how drought tolerant Carex buchananii can be as it was stressed by infrequent watering in one garden, and at the run-off point from a lawn in another. Carex buchananii is hardy down to 0° F or colder. Carex buchananii is a potential larval food for the California Common Ringlet Butterfly

Carex buchananii, Leather Leaf Sedge

Rigid grasslike foliage of Carex buchananii The Leather Leaf Sedge. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.