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Canna Lily Lucifer ~ Lucifer Canna Lily

The Canna Lily Lucifer is one of the smaller Canna's, typically growing to 2.5-3.5 feet tall. The flowers of the Canna Lily Lucifer are the big attraction for me. The centers of the flowers are a brilliant red and the outer part of the petals yellow fading to cream. The Canna Lily Lucifer runs at a moderate pace for a Canna, the the flower spikes will often branch providing even more color per plant. The foliage tends to fade first making the flowers the real reason to grow this Canna Lily. Canna Lily Lucifer will bloom in light shade but really prefers a sunny spot in the garden. When planting the Canna Lily bulbs, or more properly rhizomes they should be placed a couple of inches under the surface in well tended soil. Canna Lily Lucifer is frost tolerant down to 0 with a thick layer of mulch over the root zone. In colder climates Canna bulbs should be taken up and stored with the first hard frost.

Canna Lucifer

Flowers and foliage of the Canna Lily Lucifer. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.

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